About The Divine Wings

Reiki Grand Master
  1. I have been a Military Aviator throughout my Service career, flying Fighter Machines. Flying has posed some vivid and enriching experiences. Almost 25 years ago, a journey into the spiritual realm started smoothly alongside my basic profession. An “Attunement” into “REIKI” was the first exposure. It lead to a serious quest for the Divine, learning from many Systems of ALTERNATE HEALING and practicing meditations. The results of both have been astounding, giving me the inner confidence to learn and teach; to reach wider sections of people and help in promoting inner growth.
  2. On the academic front, I have three Master’s Degrees to my credit. Avid reading of a variety of spiritual literature and meditations have helped me in my wider ‘Understanding ’of Energy-Work and its application.
  3. The Aim of “ The DIVINE WINGS” is to share and teach what has been learnt over more than two decades, and grow Spiritually.
  4. Move from “FLYING WINGS to DIVINE WINGS”.
  5. “The DIVINE WINGS” offers a rare opportunity for learning “REIKI”, a Natural healing technique, learning Tarot, Pranic Healing, Magnified Healing, and Dowsing etc.
  6. The motto is to.......