Magnified Healer

Mother Quan Yin

It is an ancient healing method introduced to Earth in 1983. In 1992, under the direct intervention and inspiration of LADY Master Kwan Yin, Magnified Healing of the GOD MOST HIGH OF THE UNIVERSE, was brought forth into its expanded form for the spiritual advancement of Humanity and the Earth.

Magnified Healing establishes a constant flow of energy from our heart to the Source, the ALL THAT is, the Infinite Mind, through all the spiritual centres, down to the Diamond at the centre of the Earth. The link ‘Spirals’ and brings a deep state of Grace pulsing forth from the Source, laying the foundation for Ascension.

In order to accomplish our ascent into Oneness, we need to heal ourselves at all levels: physical, emotional, and mental etheric, spiritual. Only then will humanity mutate into Higher Vibratory Dimensions.