Learn Reiki by The Reiki Grand Master Air Commodore (Retired) Navtej Singh Reiki is an ancient form of Natural Healing by laying of hands, which was re-discovered in the mid 1800s in Japan by Dr MIKAO USUI. This method of transmitting Universal Life Energy brings great relief to the recipient at the physical, emotional and mental level. Reiki is simple, free from intellectual concepts, theories, and effortless to practice. It is the oldest system of Natural Healing with a tradition. It needs No equipment or apparatus to practice. It has a tradition of lineage, passed from one Master to another through a process of attunements which ensure the purity of teachings. It has sacred symbols (yantras) and sounds (mantras) which are easy to use for treating chronic energy imbalances like cancer, arthritis, asthma etc. Can be practiced anywhere at any time and has no side-effects. It can be combined with modern medicine and other Alternative therapies.

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