Learn Spiritual Healing in Gurgaon

Learn Spiritual Healing in Gurgaon-A Spiritual Counselor is someone whose essential point of view is to manage people to their relationship with soul all issues are related to that nonappearance of affiliation. We live in an incredibly self-sufficient culture where we think we have to do everything without any other individual.

Learn Spiritual Healing in Gurgaon from Air Commodore (Retired) Navtej Singh

Spiritual Symbols & Videos on Spirituality (taken from U tube... open source)

Spiritual Symbols


Learn Reiki by The Reiki Grand Master Air Commodore (Retired) Navtej Singh Reiki is an ancient form of Natural Healing by laying of hands, which was re-discovered in the mid 1800s in Japan by Dr MIK read more..

Spiritual Counsellor

What is Spiritual Counsellor? It is a type of counselling that focuses on a person’s spiritual side. People can seek out such Guidance to help them in solving problems in their lives, based on their read more..

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